High Spirits Flutes – Featured Wholesale Partner May 2018: Squirrel-Eze & Friends Artisans Boutique

High Spirits Flutes is the worlds largest maker of Native American style flutes, an instrument anyone can play. Our Squirrel-Eze & Friends Artisans Boutique in Townsend, MA caries a large selection of flutes and accessories. 

Troy Promotions - Featured Artisans

Troy Promotions -  is an events management company that creates, promotes, and maintains high quality Arts & Crafts Shows, Festivals, and Markets that are long term and well established in the Washington DC Metro Area.

Amherst Lions Club Annual Holiday Craft Fair - Featured Artisan

The Amherst Lions Craft Fair - an annual juried show that has done so much for so many since 1981.

The Lions Club is the world's largest service club organization. Lions are men and women who volunteer their time to humanitarian causes in their local and world communities. By conducting service projects and raising funds, Lions strive to help those in need, wherever the need exists. The Lions' motto is "We Serve."

Amherst Lions Club Website
Amherst Lions Club Facebook Page   

Ascend Design Challenge

Winner “The Birches”
International competition with 43 entries representing jewelry from all mediums.

Facet Winner The Birches by Squirrel-Eze

Martha Fitzmier Designs - Featured Artisan


Featured Jewelry on Tool Inventor's Website
"Honeycomb Tessellation Collection"

“Helen you have exceeded all my expectations! This is exactly what I had hoped someone would do with the H.T. Form, take it to new places. Collaborating with you has been a lot of fun and I look forward to hearing and seeing more!”

Vice President of the Georgia Goldsmiths Guild


Gilmore Shows - Featured Artisan

Gilmore Shows – Craftsmen’s Classics have been named more often than any other promoter to the "100 Best" list by the prestigious Sunshine Artist Magazine, the "Top 100" and "Top 200" Arts & Crafts Shows by ArtFair Source Book and have been named often as "Top 20 Events" by the Southeast Tourism Society.